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Tiffani Tainer

Tiffani Tainer
Accounting and Licensed Broker
Hello, I am an Assistant Bookkeeper for the company.
*Accounts receivable and payroll are all part of my daily tasks, accounts payable includes billing and invoicing vendor accounts.

I am also a Licensed Real Estate Broker.

I help home owners with all aspects of selling their home, including but not limited to an MLS assisted CMA Market Analysis of your home's value, which is always free at BCI. We will do a strategy session to discover the best approach to making your sale work best for you.

Plus, I love to assist buyers to find that right home that suits them. Let's find out if you qualify to buy a home and if the answer is yes, let's find out what your credit limit is. Then, we can go "Shopping!" and I love to help people shop!

Please feel free to call me today to discuss your needs. You will find that I am very friendly and flexible with my time to help you as needed.

Thank you. Tiffany